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Industrial Gauges

N&T manufactured Industrial Gauges for use in edible oil refineries are economically feasible, rugged, reliable and have a long life expectancy.

Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge

N&T make Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauges are ideal for dampening the effect of vibration & pulsation. It also lubricates the movement & internal parts which extends the life and enhances the reliability and integrity of gauge. It enhances the reliability and integrity of measuring system for long periods under extreme operating condition.

Optional Features:

  • SS 316 Case & Bazel available on request.
  • Ammonia (NH3), Oxygen (O2), Freon Scale available on request.
  • Eco Model in M.S.Case & S.S Case available on request.


Air Compressor, Hydraulic Presses, Pumps, Industrial Power Plants, Marine engines and Transmission Stations where Vibration & Pulsation are destructive factors.

Temperature Gauges

N&T manufactured Bimetal Temperature gauges are economically feasible, rugged, reliable, temperature measuring instruments. The Bimetal Helix is properly heated and coated with viscous silicon to minimize pointer oscillation and improve temperature transmission.

Optional Features:

  • Dual scale C & F available on request
  • Every angle mounting available on request.
  • Extra stem length on request.
  • TC Connection on request.


Domestic & Industrial Heating System, Hot Water Boiler, Power Plant, Food & Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical Industry etc.


Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauge

N&T Diaphragm sealed pressure gauges are suitable for corrosive, contaminated, highly viscous, crystallizing slurry or hot pressure.

Optional Features:

  • Different threaded type, Open Flange Type, Flush welded diaphragm type.
  • Sandwich flange (cell) type, extended welded diaphragm type, Capillary extension type.
  • SMS & TC Connection for food, Biochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Homogenizer flange (Round or Square) type
  • Special Connection for Pulp & Paper industries.


Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing industries, Water & Sewage Treatment Plants and in Electric Power Plant etc.

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