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Industrial Gearbox

The N&T Gearbox units such as Worm reduction, Shaft mounted Speed Reduction or Helical gearboxes are manufactured using the best quality material with high accuracy manufacturing process and robust construction. 

The selection process

The N&T Gear units are manufactured using the best quality material with high accuracy manufacturing process and robust construction. The selection of a gearbox mainly depends on following parameters:

  • Type of model of gear unit suitable for particular application.
  • Type of Prime mover, its HP rating and RPM.
  • Required reduction ratio or the Output RPM.
  • Duration of working hours per day
  • Type of drive provided between:
    • Prime power and reducer
    • Reducer and driven machine
  • Position of output shaft i.e. Left, right, vertical or horizontal.
  • Driven machine, actual power (HP) and RPM, peak and shock load with ma

Types of Gearboxes offered by N&T

1. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Gear Boxes:
Ratio : Available in Ratios of like 5:1,7.5:1,10:1,15:1,20:1 & 25:1
Power : Higher Power rating for maximum torque from 0.25 kW to 100 kW
Bore Size : 20 mm to 120 mm, imperial options also available.
Mounts : Vertical, Horizontal and direct drive mounting configurations
Lubrication : Oil splash type lubrication.
Housing : Close again cast iron case construction.
N&T Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers offers installation flexibility as it is mounted with a tie-rod. These shaft mounted speed reducers satisfy a wide range of output speeds and horse power requirements. These Speed Reducers consist of hardened, precision-machined alloy steel Helical gears mounted on micro finish shafts supported on long life precision bearings with capacity to handle maximum loading. The two-piece close grain C.I housing provides sturdy support and insures permanent accurate alignment of all components.
2. Worm Reduction Gear Boxes:
Worms and Worm Wheels are manufactured to class a limits of accuracy specified in IS: 3734 – 1983 WORMS, integral with their Shafts are manufactured from high quality case hardening steel. The Worm threads are accurately generated and super fine finished.
N&T speed Reducers are characterized by high efficiency, high load carrying capacity and complete reliability in service. You can select from the wide choice of types and sizes designed to meet almost any drive requirement in the most comprehensive range of worm gear speed reducers available to industry.
The Bearing journals and shaft extensions are ground to fine limits, whilst oil seal tracks are ground and super finished. The Worm wheel comprises of high quality phosphor Bronze PB2-C cast rim rigidly fixed to strong C.I. Hub. The Worm wheel teeth are generated by hobbing process complying super finishing techniques.
These N&T make Speed reducers are fitted with angular contact as well as taper roller ball bearings of generous proportions to withstand journal and trust loads and have an ample margin for taking overhung loads also.
3. Helical Speed Reducer Gear Boxes:
N&T Helical Speed Reducers are modern development and designed specially for use on systems for Single Screw Extruction of various materials such as plastic and rubber. These are also widely used in plastic blow molding machines.
It is an innovative and progressive approach to overcome the problems of separate alignment of electric motor, gearbox and transmission line. Spherical thrust bearing the housing within gearbox eliminates the requirement of separate thrust bearing housing and will provide capacity to withstand screw thrust. This convenient thrust arrangement is integrally mounted within the single piece reducer unit to produce a rugged, compact package for all your extruder requirements. The inline direct assembly of hollow output shaft to screw barrel of the machine saves ample space and makes installation easy. The screw can be removed without disturbing barrel and reducer.
N&T two stage helical reducers have modular design with a normal reduction ratio ranging between 10:1 and 15:1. The single piece close gain C.I casting gives a rigid robust construction and incorporates a high precision case hardened and ground helical gear train for improved torque transmission. Our Extruder gearboxes gearboxes are designed for maximum screw pressures. The spherical thrust bearing/Taper roller bearing system carries reverse thrust load generated by differential pressure during molding process.
Our reducers are available in 8 sizes suited for up to 80 HP and screw diameters of up to 150 mm.

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