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Solvent Extraction Plant

We at N&T Engitech provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction facilities for Solvent Extraction Plants as well as fabrication of all equipment related to the same.

Solvent removal, as the name suggests, is the process to remove oil from an oil bearing materials by means of the solvent, as solvent utilized being hexane petroleum by-product. The plant is planned to take out oil straightly from an oil seed holding less than 20% oil like Soyabean or extract oil after flaking from the pre pressed cake of the seeds containing more than 20% oil like sunflower, the peanuts, the cotton seed, the palm kernel, the canola, the coconut, castor as well as a diversity of the other type of the resources.

The extractor is usually parallel in construction; in reality most of the removal plants working all through the world have espoused horizontal design of an extractor. The extractor works on the principal of the Counter Current Moving Bed with the variable bed height as well as changeable speed mechanism allowing an outstanding diffusion as well as percolation of the solvent for complete extraction. The short speed of an extractor conveyor guarantees roughly no maintenance. Also the distillation takes place under vacuum as well as de-solventizing of the meal is done in freely planned desolventizer toaster. Sufficient capacity condensers along with vent air strip systems are presented for the solvent revival.

The N&T management team consists of experts who have a vast experience in EngineeringProcurement and Construction of Solvent Extraction Plants for over more than 15 years. This makes our management highly reliable to provide you best facilities. We have made it a company policy to work standard specification and drawings. We undertake operations like Installation and Erection of Equipments like Seed Cleaner, Extractor, DT (Dissolve Toaster), Heater, Condenser, Mother Tank, Hot Water Tank, Male Cooler, Dry Cooler, Flaker, Cracker, Cooker, Expander, Conveyors, Cooling Tower, Lump Breaker, Silo etc. We also carry out piping, instrumentation as well as accessories work according to the requirements.

Hydro Tests as well as RT (Radiography Test) are also performed by us in order to ensure reliability of the delivered projects. The very fact that almost all the tests conducted by us generally result positive is an evidence of organizational capabilities of our management team. N&T has delivered projects that provide high reliability, low maintenance and low overall life cycle costs. We are experts in our field with rich experience and best project handling capabilities and have executed entire scale of projects from scratch while maintaining safety and quality standards without any compromise.

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