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Filter Cloth

We are suppliers of a wide range of Filter Cloths, Modified Filter Bags, Non Woven Media and Filtration Machinery etc in addition to spares for the same.


Filter cloths have innumerable number of applications in diverse kind of machines for air, liquid, solid, separation in all kind of production industries such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Power Sector
  • Construction and many more.

N&T supplied industrial filtration products are suitable to businesses engaged in filtering liquids from solids, dewatering, collecting and filtering dust, air filtration, filtering and purifying hot gases and other industrial process applications.

We provide:

  • Polypropylene Filter Cloth
  • Polypropylene Felt Filter Cloth
  • Polyester Filter Cloth
  • Polyester Felt Filter Cloth
  • Nylon Filter Cloth
  • Cotton Filter Cloth
  • Conductive (Anti-Static) & Non-Conductive Filter Cloth
  • Teflon Filter Cloth
  • Mesh Filter Cloth
  • Cheesecloth Filter Cloth

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