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Filter Leaf

We provide both the standard as well as the Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter as well as Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (Auto Wedge Locking, the Hydraulic).


The Vertical Pressure Leaf types of the Filters are fairly alike to the Horizontal types of the Plate Filters except for the direction of the filter elements which are perpendicular; rather than the horizontal.

They are useful for the polishing of the slurries with extremely low solids the content of the 1-5% or for cake filtration with the solids concentration of 20-25%.

The Vertical types of the Pressure Leaf Filter consists of the vertical pressure vessel with the  filter elements mounted horizontally on general outlet manifold through which the filtrate flows out. The MOC can be IS 2062, SA 516 Gr. -60/70, SS 304, 316, 316L or as required.

The Horizontal kind of the Leaf Filter consists of the Horizontal Cylindrical vessel with the particular bayonet wedged lock closure as well as Viton seal. The MOC can be IS 2062, SA 516 Gr. – 60/70, SS 304, SS 316, and SS 316 or as required.

Filters play a vital role in the following industries:

  • Edible Oil kind of Industry
  • Beverage kind of Industry
  • Chemical kind of Industry
  • Pharmaceutical kind of Industry
  • Petrochemical kind of  Industry
  • Interesterification
  • The Herbal Extraction Plants
  • The Micronutrient revival
  • Vital Oil Distillation
  • The Lofty Vacuum Separation by Molecular Distillation
  • The Lube kind of Oil Re-refining

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