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Fatty Distillation Plant

N&T Engitech offer facilities for fatty distillation units and the fabrication of all equipment related to the same.

N&T have a team of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the engineering designing, process, fabrication and construction of fatty distillation plants.

Our fatty distillation plant distils fatty acids under high temperatures and vacuum to form effectively purified fatty acids. The distillation column comprises structured packing to fractionate heavy and light phases. After distillation, the bottom residue is sent to storage.

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The Process we follow to Create Distilled Fatty Acid (DFA)

N&T Engitech, we follow specific steps while creating a fatty distillation plant, as illustrated below.



Fatty acids are added into a reaction vessel to enhance mixing.



In this process, the fatty acids are heated using a falling film evaporator. The evaporator allows the desired fatty acids to be evaporated gently and ensure low residence time.



It is the process carried out to remove undissolved gasses in order to prevent unwanted oxidative reactions



At this stage, the fatty acid is fractionated in a packed column equipped with structured packing to allow high separation. Here, we employ the differences in boiling point between the unwanted impurities and desired fatty acids to effect the separation of components.



This step removes the micro particle to give brilliancy to the product.

Benefits of Fatty Distillation Plant

N&T Engitech, offers top-notch fatty distillation plants that come with several benefits, such as:


Effective distillation

The fatty distillation plant we offer has a high-standard vacuum-balanced packed column to ensure zero vapour logging, leading to effective distillation.


Simple to use

The design of the fatty distillation plant is very simplified, making it easy to use.


Specially designed counter-current flow

The fatty distillation plant we offer has a specially designed counter-current flow which helps enhance the efficiency for improved distillation.


Low maintenance

The fatty distillation plant is made using high–quality materials that last long, thus requiring negligible maintenance.

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Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants

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