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Inter-Esterification Plant

We at N&T Engitech offer facilities for Inter-Esterification units and the fabrication of all equipment related to the same.

We use a modern Inter-Esterification technics that helps to modify the overall oil's physical properties through the interchange of fatty acids inside and between several triglycerides using catalysts. This is facilitated by a catalyst working under a vacuum and operating at operating temperature.

The plants, we offer at N&T Engitech are fully automated and are developed using high-quality materials to ensure that they perform flawlessly. Also, these machines are easy to use and durable.

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The Process we follow to Create Inter-esterified Oil

At N&T Engitech, we follow specific steps while creating an inter-esterified oil, as illustrated below.


Homogenization and Heating

From the storage tanks, soft and hard oils are directed to the homogenizer, where they are heated to mix appropriately.


Catalyst Addition

At this stage, catalysts such as sodium methoxide are added to trigger a random rearrangement of fatty acids, thus adjusting the physical characteristics of fat, such as plasticity or melting point.


Interchange of Methyl group

The added catalyst is stirred vigorously to propagate the reaction, leading to the interchange of the Methyl group.



At this stage, oil is heated.


Drying and Acid addition

In this process, the Inter-esterified oil is transferred to a cooler, and necessary acids are added to reduce the soap generated during the process.



This process is carried out to remove colour pigments in oils, thus enhancing the appearance of the oil.



This step removes the micro particle to give brilliancy to the product.

Benefits of Inter-Esterification Plant

Here at N&T Engitech are known for the provision of high end Inter-Esterification plant to cater for all your production equipments to ensure that your oil goes through the proper process.


Specially designed Homogenizer

The oil Homogenizer in the Inter-Esterification plant is specially designed and has a high mixing speed which facilitates effective and fast mixing of hard and soft oils.


Low maintenance

The Inter-Esterification plant is made using high–quality materials that last long, thus requiring negligible maintenance.


Specially designed reactor

The reactor of Inter-Esterification plant is specially designed to allow the intimate mixing of oils and catalysts to ensure the reaction happens properly.


Simple to use

The design of the Inter-Esterification plant is very simplified, making it easy to use.


Lower manpower

A significant number of operations in the Inter-Esterification plant have been automated, thus lowering the overall manpower requirement.

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Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants


Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants

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