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N&T Engitech facilitates procurement, fabrication and construction of piping racks. We are pre-fabricators of industrial pipe racks which are best suited in manufacturing and processing plants.

Our customers are our family, and we value long-term relationships with them, so we make sure that our piping racks design and construction meet their requirements.

Our piping rack designs are market-driven. Also, our manufacturing and service offerings are held to the highest standards.

We only utilise high-quality material and tools in designing and manufacturing piping racks, resulting in flawless performance.

piping racks
piping racks
piping racks

How We Work

N and T Engitech operates by providing innovative engineering solutions and services, leveraging expertise to address complex industrial challenges effectively.

planning design

Planning & Design

Initial phase involves project conception, site selection, & architectural & engineering design.

Construction & Execution

Construction & Execution

Once the planning and design phase is complete, actual construction begins.

Finishing & Commissioning

Finishing & Commissioning

All systems & equipment are thoroughly tested & commissioned to ensure they operate as intended.

Ready to enhance your industrial operations with top-notch piping racks?

Experience the difference of our high-quality, custom-designed piping racks that optimize efficiency and durability.

Inquiring Minds

Why Choose N&T Engitech for Piping Racks?

There are several reasons why you should choose N&T Engitech for Piping Racks design, manufacturing & supply. Here we offer:

Meet Global Standards

We build high-quality engineering piping rack that meet international standards.

Exceptional Operation

Our highly qualified experts design & manufacture high-quality piping racks.

Latest Technologies

N&T Engitech employs the latest technologies for piping racks development to better meet our clients' requirements.

Cooperative Price

Our costing for designing and manufacturing piping racks equipment are fairly affordable.

After-sales Support

We believe in high service standards, thus we offer outstanding after-sales support.

On-time Delivery

We strictly follow deadlines, effectively manage piping racks projects, and ensure the quickest delivery.

Our Valuable Clients

We are honoured to work with some of the leading corporations in the Engineering Procurement and Construction sector.


Completed Projects

N&T progressively provides innovative expertise to large and small businesses for a wide range of purposes and settings around the world. Examine our project portfolio.

Cement Industries 2

Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants


Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants

Our Certification & Achievements

We are team of latest advanced innovative professionals who constantly gain insight into evolving EPC requirements

15 Years of experience
15+ Years


two hundred clients


one hundred best team

Best Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

As leading Industrial Pipe Racks manufacturers, we offer a diverse range of piping racks tailored to various needs:

  • MT Frame Piping Racks : These are suitable for moderate to heavy loads, providing robust support.
  • You Frame Piping Racks : Fully customizable to accommodate different pipe arrangements efficiently.
  • 2-Tier Piping Racks : Ideal for saving space while offering vertical storage solutions.
  • 3-Tier Piping Racks : Perfect for maximizing storage capacity in large industrial settings.

Yes, we specialize in customizing piping racks to align with each customer’s unique specifications for dimensions and load capacities. For more detailed information or to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Our piping racks are primarily constructed from mild steel, which is selected for its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. To ensure they stand up to environmental challenges, including corrosion, the mild steel is treated with protective finishes such as galvanization, painting, or epoxy coatings. These treatments significantly enhance the steel’s resistance to moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, making it well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use across various industrial environments.

Yes, our piping racks are specifically engineered to manage thermal expansion and contraction. This design ensures that they maintain structural integrity and operational reliability across a range of temperatures.

The maximum load capacity of our piping racks depends on the specific requirements of each customer. We design and manufacture racks tailored to accommodate the particular weight, size, and environmental conditions specified by our clients, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards. Please provide your specific needs, and we will offer a solution that meets your exact specifications.

The load capacity of our piping racks varies depending on the layout and specific requirements of each project. To ensure we meet your needs accurately, we determine load capacity details once we review your project specifications. For large volume orders, we also offer discounts, which makes the purchase more economical. For more detailed information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our sales representative.