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Bakery Shortening Plant

N&T Engitech possess highly skilled professionals with more than 40 years of experience in designing, engineering, process, fabrication, and construction, offering high-quality bakery shortening plants.

We utilise 100% pure vegetable oil or fat to make bakery shortening. Shortening is processed with precautions to produce the grain less, soft texture bakery shortening.

Our highly efficient bakery shortening plants are very flexible in both design and operation which makes it suitable for a range of innovative uses.

Our product line is manufactured using premium quality materials and in accordance with the best industry standards (Indian and European standard).

For producing finest Bakery Shortening the most important factors are as under:

  • Proper selection of Raw material and its preparation to make suitable for Bakery Shortening.
  • Proper selection of Machinery for producing Finest Bakery Shortening.
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Process of Bakery Shortening Plant Operation

We follow five essential steps when performing bakery shortening operations. The procedure we employ at N&T Engitech for bakery shortening are presented below.



Bulk hydrogenated oil is received and continues stirred to obtain homogeneous oil for further process.



After homogeneous oil in semi liquid consistency continues, stirred at 60°C to 70°C to achieve consistency in bakery shortening production.


Votator and Crystallisation

Our Votator and crystallisers are designed to produce finest bakery shortening production. Votator is a thin layer scraped surface heat exchanger, which helps in quick and consistent cooling of the product to produce the finest product.



Tempering done from 45°C to 23°C - 25 °C to solidify the shortening at room temperature.



Bakery shortening is filled in can and boxes and packed by our automated packing system.

Benefits of Bakery Shortening Plant

N&T Engitech provides excellent bakery shortening plants with a number of advantages, including:


Best Consistency, Plasticity, and Texture

Our bakery shortening production facility uses the best process optimization to produce an end product with the best texture, consistency, and plasticity.


Best Quality & Hygienic Final Product

Quality is what matters most to us. The best quality and hygiene of the finished product are the main priorities of our comprehensive plan.


Cost Effective Operation & Better Productivity

Our carefully maintained plants operate without major breakdowns. Better productivity and cost-effective operation are thus made possible.


Simple & Low maintenance

Simple equipment design reduces maintenance time, and the high-quality of materials used in equipment reduces maintenance.

Ready to elevate your bakery operations with high-quality industrial bakery shortening?

Let us be your preferred choice for industrial bakery shortening manufacturing and unlock the potential of your bakery business. Trust N&T Engitech for excellence in every batch.

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Why choose N&T for a Bakery Shortening Plant?

At N&T Engitech, we provide first-rate bakery shortening plants and facilities. Here we offer:

Superior Quality

We never skimp on the bakery shortening project's quality. We guarantee high-quality output, high productivity, and low production costs.

Extensive Expertise

We have well-qualified and experienced professionals who manufacture bakery shortening plants using cutting-edge technology.

Advanced Research and Development

We make strong R&D efforts and provide end-to-end and cost-effective technology solutions to large-scale bakery shortening plant operations and industry.

On-time Delivery

Our bakery shortening project will be delivered by the date we promised, and manufacturing will proceed as scheduled.

Customer Satisfaction

We maintain honesty, integrity, and transparency from day one and work hard to fulfill our project commitments as promised, thereby satisfying our clients.

Post-sale Support

We offer prompt post-purchase support whenever our clients require it.

Our Respected Clients

We are honored to collaborate with the most top organizations in the Engineering Procurement and Construction industry.


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