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N&T Engitech stands out among edible oil refinery plant manufacturers, offering top-notch solutions for vegetable oil refinery plants. With a focus on quality and advanced technology, they provide comprehensive equipment and services for refining edible oils.

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Edible Oil Refinery

The N&T management team is composed of experts with more than 40 years of expertise on edible oil refinery equipment development.

We provide completely unique solutions based on the needs of our clients' edible oil refineries. We design machinery for all operations related to an edible oil refinery.

Our edible oil refinery plant has strong performance and long lifespan have helped us attract a sizable number of customers from all over the world.

With deep industry knowledge, outstanding project management abilities, and leadership in our field, we have completed extensive projects from the ground up.


Our Edible Oil Refinery Process

Pre-treatment of oil is critical in oil refining to eliminate contaminants. The procedure we use to refine edible oil is as follows:


Water Degumming

Oil contains both hydratable and non-hydratable gums. Hydratable gums are removed by water degumming.


Acid gum conditioning cum Neutralization & Washing

N&T had developed the process for proper gum conditioning and caustic neutralisation, this process reduces the phosphorus content to the desired limits. Continuous neutralisation, soap separation, and water separation, & vacuum drying result in the highest quality neutralised and washed crystal clear oil.



N&T's bleaching plant features a central bleaching vessel, hermetic filters, a separate oil and earth compounding equipment, and micron filters. This process is carried out to remove colour pigments in oils, thus enhancing the appearance of the oil. N&T has specially designed the multi deck bleaching column to minimising the channelization of unbleached oil. N&T has developed the perfect Hermetically sealed process for better efficiency.



This procedure separates wax from oil. For better wax grain formation, we have developed both batch and continuous crystallizers.



The process of oil refinement ends with deodorization. It filters out odoriferous material, free fatty acids, and other undesirable components to create bland and stable oil.

Benefits of Edible Oil Refinery Plant

Our manufacture of edible oil refinery plants is continually evolving to meet plant specifications and deliver top-notch services.


Zero Maintenance

N&T is dedicated to providing high-quality edible oil refinery machines that require little to no maintenance with a wealth of manufacturing and processing expertise.


Low space requirement

Our edible oil refinery package is efficiently designed to maximise production in available working areas. Thus allow us to design compact equipment that uses low space.


Lowest utilities requirements

We ensure that our design equipment uses less utilities and can be reutilized for connecting equipment. This tends to minimize utilities requirements.


Compact Design

N&T provides large scale and small oil refinery plants with a compact equipment design, enhancing oil quality and reducing oil production costs.

We are dedicated edible oil refinery plant manufacturers, and would adore the opportunity to work with you to design an edible oil refinery plant at the most reasonable cost.

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At N&T Engitech, we offer machines that are developed using high-quality materials for flawless performance.

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Our machines are developed using the latest technology, and most operations are automated to limit human operations.

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The machines we offer at N&T Engitech are affordable for all customers.

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N&T steadily offers cutting-edge expertise to big and small enterprises for a diverse range of uses and environments all over the world. Browse through our completed project list.


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Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants


Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants


Cement Industries

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants

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