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Powder Lecithin Plant

N &T Engitech are the leading Lecithin Powder Plant Process Manufacturer & Supplier and our product is made of high quality.

Lecithin is a natural ingredient derived mainly from soybeans and Sunflower Water degummed Gums, which contains various emulsifiers and stabilisers.

We are a manufacturer utilising the most up-to-date plant technology for drying wet gums, de-oiling the liquid lecithin, and then turning it into powder lecithin.

To get the pure quality of lecithin, a range of procedures are carried out in our powder lecithin plant.

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Process of Powder Lecithin Plant

N&T utilise latest technology to manufacture powder lecithin plant. The procedure we follow to powder lecithin plant is:


Liquid Lecithin Bleaching

Liquid Lecithin is Bleached with hydrogen peroxide to reduce peroxide number, microbial count and improve the colour of crude Lecithin.


Carbon Treatment

The liquid lecithin is pre-treated with carbon to reduce the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs).


Removing Hexane Insoluble

Hexane Insoluble are removed by Hexane extraction of liquid lecithin and filtration of Miscella, through a specially designed Miscella filter and Micro Polish Filter.


Lecithin Miscella Distillation

The Filtered lecithin Miscella is fed to Agitated Thin Layer Scrap Surface Evaporator to get Pure liquid Lecithin.


Hexane Condensation & Recovery

The Hexane Vapours from evaporator is condensed in series of condensers .


Acetone Extraction of Liquid Lecithin

The oil associated with liquid Lecithin is recovered by Acetone Extraction. The Acetone extraction is carried out in five stages with precipitation of acetone insoluble and squeezing of Acetone insoluble through the Decanter to reduce the acetone content in the acetone insoluble.


Lecithin Drying through FBD

Lecithin slurry from decanter is fed to the fluidised bed dryer to evaporate the Acetone vapour and get the powder lecithin. Hot Nitrogen is passed through particles of Lecithin in FBD to get concentrated Soybean/ Sunflower lecithin powder.


Acetone Miscella Distillation

Generated Acetone Miscella undergo a three-stage recovery process to recover acetone and residue soya/ sunflower oil.


Acetone Condensation & Recovery

After Extraction, the Miscella containing oil and acetone is distilled. Acetone vapour is passed through condensation and condensed acetone is recovered. This will be reused in the process.

Benefits of Powder Lecithin Plant

To fulfill plant standards and provide top-notch services, we are constantly improving our Lecithin Powder Manufacturing Process.


Zero Maintenance

Our precisely designed and high-quality equipment enables you to carry out your operations efficiently and effectively with little to no maintenance.


Low solvent consumption

We design the extractor with the high extraction efficiency that requires less time and low solvent consumption during the process.


Low steam and power consumption

Our multi stage extractor distillation process helps to reduce the steam consumption in distillation. Our power efficient equipment consumes less power.


Highest purity with lightest colour

We believe in excellence. Our design lecithin plant yields highest purity after passing through a multistage process and activated carbon helps to remove the colour.

We are passionate manufacturers of powder lecithin plants, and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop powder lecithin plants at the most competitive price.

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