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N&T Engitech, have a team of professionals with immense experience in the engineering, fabrication, process and construction of fat-splitting facilities. They play a vital role in ensuring that N&T Engitech offers remarkable machines to customers.

Fat splitting is the process carried out to produce crude fatty acid and Glycerine from vegetable oil and fats. The splitting reaction is carried out to obtain the corresponding crude fatty acids and crude glycerol dissolved in excess water.

N&T Engitech, we offer modern fat-splitting facilities that help to convert oil into fatty acid and Glycerine effectively. The machines we provide for fat splitting are fully automated and developed using high-quality materials, ensuring they perform flawlessly. Also, these machines are easy to use and durable.

fat splitting
fat splitting
fat splitting

The process we follow for Fat Splitting

We follow four key steps while carrying out fat splitting. Below is an illustration of the steps we follow at N&T Engitech for fat splitting.



This is the process used to remove impurities from the feedstock. Based on the feedstock properties, water/acid degumming or regular bleaching is applied.

Heating and Hydrolysis

Heating and Hydrolysis

The fats and oils are directed to a splitting column that operates at approximately 250ºC and a pressure of about 50-65 barg. This high temperature and counter-current flow allow for a high degree of hydrolysis without using any catalyst.



In this process, crude fatty acids from the splitting column are flashed and dried to get rid of residual moisture to avoid splitting reversion.



Glycerine in water (Sweet water) is flashed at atmospheric pressure, where the flashed steam is used to pre-concentrate the sweet water under a vacuum. The sweet water is concentrated through a multi-effect evaporator to generate crude Glycerine.

Benefits of Fat Splitting

At N&T Engitech, we offer high-quality fat-splitting facilities that come with several benefits, including.

Internal heat exchanger

Internal heat exchanger

The fat-splitting facility we offer has an internal heat exchanger that facilitates internal heat exchange, thus maximising thermal efficiency.

Modern pressure

Modern pressure

The splitting plant we provide caters for modern pressure of 50-65 barg, thus giving a high degree of effective splitting.

Specially designed mixing system

Specially designed mixing system

The oil and process water mixing system is professionally designed through the appropriate high-pressure steam injection, thus ensuring a quick and effective mixing.

Long retention time

Long retention time

The fat-splitting plant we offer at N&T Engitech allows for a long retention time in the splitting column, thus ensuring that splitting is effectively completed.

High tech machines

High–tech machines

Our machines are developed using the latest technology to allow automation, thus lowering the overall human operations required.

How We Work

N and T Engitech operates by providing innovative engineering solutions and services, leveraging expertise to address complex industrial challenges effectively.

planning design

Planning & Design

Initial phase involves project conception, site selection, & architectural & engineering design.

Construction & Execution

Construction & Execution

Once the planning and design phase is complete, actual construction begins.

Finishing & Commissioning

Finishing & Commissioning

All systems & equipment are thoroughly tested & commissioned to ensure they operate as intended.

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Partner with us and experience superior quality output and maximum yield in your fat splitting processes.

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Automated machines

The machines we make are developed using the latest technology, thus allowing the automation of most operations.

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After-sale assistance

At N&T Engitech, we have a team of highly trained professionals who are always available and ready to offer any after-sale service to our customers.

Long-lasting machines

The machines we offer are developed using high-grade raw materials to ensure that they serve you for the longest time possible.

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